The Minimum age to learn to drive a car is 17 years

You require a valid provisional licence

You must be able to read a number plate from 20.5 metres (67 feet - about 5 car lengths) new style number plates from 20 metres (66 feet)

How many lessons am I likely to need?
The DSA say that "Those who pass there driving test have had, on average, about 45hr professional training, combined with 22hr of private practice. Candidates who combine professional instruction with private practice are also more sucessful on the test. Some people need more lessons and practice than others. If you are not geting it right all the time without your instructor's help, you're not ready to take your test."

Before taking your driving test you will need to do the theory and hazard perception test. CD's, DVD's are available from supermarkets, book stores etc. to help with your theory (shop around as the price varies).

The theory consists of 50 multiple choice questions of which you must get at least 43 correct.
The hazard perception consists of 14 video clips where you have to score a min 44 out of 75. You have to click your mouse whenever you see a potential hazard.
(tip is to click a few times for each hazard as a small hazard can develope into a big hazard as you get closer, just make sure its not in a rhythm. Click as soon as you see a potential hazard then a few more times as the hazard develops)
There is normally just one hazard per clip but some may have two.

The practical test will last around 40 min. You will have to answer two questions from the 'show me tell me list' and do 1 out of 4 manoeuvers. These are reversing into a side road on the left, turning in the road, revers parking and parking in a bay.  For a pass you will have to have less than 16 faults on your test sheet.
Three or more ticks in one box on the test sheet could result in a fail. Random candidates may be askd to carry out an emergency stop. The rest of the test is about showing that you are a confident driver capable of driving the car on your own. Its not about being the perfect driver, it is about  being able to deal with a veriety of situations as they arise. 
You will use the car you are taught to drive in.